You work hard to generate traffic across your shops, shopping centres and airports. Despite attractive branding and multiple promotions, sales do not match the real potential of your stores.


Most existing methodologies fail to incorporate the unconscious physical, physiological and psychological factors that guide the spontaneous behavior of users or clients into their stategic scanning. Before being treated as a user or a client, we must consider the individuals responding to precise but unconscious brain, sensory and behavioral processes.

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  • We bring you the answer to the “why” of instinctive behaviour when people browse your website or visit your shops. We record and identify their subconscious needs by looking at how they behave physically, physiologically and psychologically.

  • We analyse the aspects of the environment that influence the behaviour of individuals by studying their interactions as they walk around the space and the effects on their subconscious – physical, physiological and psychological responses.
  • We select the environmental factors (atmosphere, layout, presentation, customer traffic flows, organization, information and communication sequences, signage, etc.) that can be improved to better address subconscious needs and ultimately make walking or shopping a more pleasant experience. 

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